Five things I ate:

1. This will be easy considering Thanksgiving dinner was yesterday, but I will wrap all of the holiday food into one item. Stuffing, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, turkey, green beans, brussels sprouts, macaroni and cheese (yes, my family always offers that dish), chocolate cookies, carrot cake…Yes, it was a very indulgent holiday! Although I never forget to treat myself on holidays. 😉

2. No bake peanut butter chocolate cookies.

3. Turkey/bacon/avocado/mustard sandwich on whole grain bread. I was a little hesitant about adding the mustard, but, like always, it was an excellent addition to the taste. 🙂

4. Steak soup. 


5. Kale chips. I went a little crazy with them this week. I think I had half of a container in one sitting. Someone needs to stop me!

Five workouts:

1. This HIIT workout I found on Twitter. It will kick your butt! If it doesn’t then you can increase the speeds.


2. Long walks with my mom. She’s pretty awesome.

3. This 45-minute hill run.

4. This “10-minute” workout that definitely took longer than 10 minutes. It was a good one though!

5. 30-minute toning workout.

Five things making me happy:

1. Puppies. My family watched a puppy over the last few days. His name is Bishop. He fell asleep in my lap the other day and used my shoe as a pillow. Pretty cute!


2. Family time. Bishop made a guest appearance!


3. My new job as an online editor!

4. Michael Buble Christmas Pandora station. It’s officially time to turn up the holiday tunes!

5. Getting together with friends from high school and college over breaks. It’s so nice to have set times to catch up with everyone each year! I’m beginning to realize how valuable that time is as we all get busier with our own lives.

Have a nice holiday weekend!