Happy Tuesday! I’m currently sipping on some chamomile tea while trying to keep my eyes open. It has been a long day! I went to the doctor after work to get my flu shot. Here’s to hoping it fends off the bug! The doc said that she has already seen a few cases. Yikes!

Anyway, I thought I would do an update on my eats.

I did some baking on Sunday and have been enjoying the treats so far this week.


Not the best photo, but you get the point. Those are the pre-sliced almond butter banana breakfast bars.

I like pairing one of the snack-y options above with my salad at lunch. It rounds out the meal and makes it more satisfying!

Speaking of salads, my lunches have been pretty green lately. I have found that you can keep the combination fresh by switching out the toppings and types of protein. I thought that would get old quickly, but it hasn’t!


Parmesan-crusted chicken with spinach and balsamic. Gets the job done!

It’s time to sign off for the night. Have a good Wednesday!