I discovered the world of health bloggers during my sophomore year of college. I’ve been addicted to catching up with them daily ever since. I truly believe in the power of blogs. Blogs offer what most sites try to form with readers–a strong and authentic connection. The daily exposure allows the blogger to establish credibility with others and then the trust follows.

I trust what the bloggers I follow say. I’m loyal to their brands because I have developed a strong connection with their ideas and advice through their writing. With that being said, I wanted to list the bloggers that I have always followed. Other blogs have drifted in and out of my list, but these are the core ones that I have stuck with throughout the years.

1. Carrots ‘N’ Cake. Tina’s blog was the first one I ever read. I love her approach to health and how she balances her life to include nutritious eats, exercise, and fun. I can tell that Tina truly enjoys her life and I think that’s why I love reading her posts so much. I was also inspired to try CrossFit because of her!

2. Peanut Butter Fingers. I’m inspired by Julie’s lighthearted spirit that is reflected in her blog. Along with Tina, Julie has a great balance between living a full life and staying healthy at the same time. I think she sets a great example for readers in the health world. She doesn’t let her health goals take over the fun. She just balances it out in such an effortless way and I admire that.

3. Fannetastic Food. Anne’s blog is another one of the first ones that I started reading in college. Anne is a go-getter and makes fitness and eating healthy fun and engaging. Her recipes never disappoint and she always seems to be trying something new and interesting. I sent her an email with a career question in college and her response was super nice and genuine. The fact that she took the time to respond with a thoughtful answer says a lot about her awesome character. She’s a great person and sets the blogging bar high!

4. Fitting It All In. Clare freaking rocks. I love her raw honesty. She writes about what a lot of girls feel, but are afraid to say. Clare is only a few years older than me, so it’s been cool to read a blog about someone who is going through similar stages of life. She has a strong voice and I can’t wait to continue following her amazing health journey!

5. Nutrition Nut on the Run. I go to Hillary’s blog when I want some positivity in my life. Whether it’s her recipes or the happy things going on in her life, it always brightens my day. Hillary’s blog is another one that got me interested in the health blogging world. She is always whipping up some beautiful and gourmet meal in the kitchen. I wish she could be my personal chef!

6. Peanut Butter Runner. I got into reading Jen’s blog about a year ago and I have loved following her fitness and health journey. Jen is a trainer and the workouts that she posts are awesome. Seriously, they will kick your butt in the best way possible. I have always thought that Jen’s honesty is refreshing and I truly admire her approach to health and fitness. She keeps a great balance with all aspects of her life, but especially with fitness and diet. I don’t know many people that work in a balance between weights, running, walking, BodyPump, and yoga, but the girl does it.

I think there is a common theme here. These ladies know not only how to eat well and exercise, but they know how to do it while living a fun and full life. It’s not an easy task, so I am inspired by their perspectives on life more than anything else. I hope that you check out these blogs because they will enrich your life without a doubt!